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VIDEO: Jon Stewart Slams Obama For Love Affair With Drone Policy

“President Barack Obama is our country’s all-time leader in outside-battlefield sky killing:” Stewart quips.

On last night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart tore into the President’s drone policies and the questionable illegality surrounding “aerial citizen reduction programs.”

“That is right,” he said, “President Barack Obama is our country’s all-time leader in outside battlefield sky killings. … He’s like Barry Bombs of drone strokes.”

Still, Obama can’t kill whoever he pleases…without due process at least, according to a clip Stewart ran of a speech Obama made in May where the President spoke out against targeted killings.

However, in February, it was reported that his administration was looking for ways to legally launch drone strikes against American citizens working with al-Qaeda.

“So that’s our dilemma,” Stewart said sardonically. “It’s not constitutional to kill an American without due process, but there’s this American that we’d really like to kill.”

Stewart then slammed Obama for taking a leaf out of the book of the Bush administration for using the drone program as a torture rationale and to carry out targeted killings.

“But the Obama administration won’t say, ‘Well, we’re not doing a targeted assassination of an American without due process.’ When they could as easily say we’re conducting an aerial citizen reduction program,” Stewart said. “But they won’t do that because they consider themselves above that kind of simplistic chicanery. But they will get there. They will kill that dude.”

Watch Stewart annihilate Obama’s drone policy


Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.


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