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VIDEO: Jon Stewart Says U.S. Is ‘the Oprah of Middle East Weapons Systems’

"You get some bombs, and you get some bombs. Everybody gets some bombs!"

If America is so determined to bring peace to the Middle East, why do we insist on flooding the region with missiles, bombs and Apache helicopters?

In last night’s “Automatics for the People” segment, Jon Stewart pointed out that we currently provide billions in military aid to the neighboring countries of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Israel. Our idea of providing regional stability and security seems, fundamentally, to involve throwing money and sophisticated weaponry at the problem.

“We’re like the Oprah of Middle East weapons systems,” he joked. “You get some bombs, and you get some bombs. Everybody gets some bombs!”

Watch Stewart critique our Middle East policy and point out why “peacing these countries to the hilt” might not be the best idea after all. 


Allegra Kirkland is AlterNet's associate managing editor. Her writing has appeared in the Chicago Reader, Salon, Daily Serving and The Nation.

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