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VIDEO: Jon Stewart Mocks Mainstream Media for Predicting Demise of Obamacare—Again

"There is no law! Everyone for themselves! Obamacare is made of people!"

Jon Stewart has a particular knack for highlighting the mainstream media’s tendency to make mountains out of molehills. In last night’s opening segment, his target was the “devastating” blow to the Affordable Care Act delivered by a DC court last week.

From MSNBC to Fox, pundits were forecasting the demise of the ACA (with the always measured Elizabeth Hasselback going so far as to say “All hell will break loose”) because of a minor omission in the section on federal tax credit subsidies. (The law says that all low-income individuals who signed up on state exchanges were supposed to receive these subsidies; those living in red states who didn’t establish those exchanges got screwed and were forced onto federal exchanges, a situation not explicitly provided for in the language of the act.)

Yet on the same day a DC circuit court ruled that the 5 million affected Americans didn’t deserve government healthcare, another appeals court ruled that the subsidies are in fact legal. How could this be? One of the three-person appeals panels was staffed by two Republicans, while the other was composed of three Democrats.

As Stewart put it, “Oh, I get it now. The courts are just an extension of our own broken political system. It’s like looking at one of those Magic Eye posters and you’re looking and looking and finally the dolphin jumps out at you. But instead of a dolphin it's an evil clown that skull-fucks our functional 200-something-year democracy.”

Watch the entire clip below.


Allegra Kirkland is AlterNet's associate managing editor. Her writing has appeared in the Chicago Reader, Salon, Daily Serving and The Nation.

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