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Trump's Pick to Lead VA is Beset by Misconduct Allegations Including 'Excessive Drinking' and a 'Hostile Work Environment': CBS

"We’re going to vet him. The Trump administration doesn’t do a particularly good job,” Sen. Sherrod Brown said.

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President Donald Trump's pick to be the next secretary of Veterans Affairs is in danger of being voted down by the Senate as he is beset by accusations of workplace misconduct that include "a hostile work environment, excessive drinking on the job and improperly dispensing" medications, according to a report from CBS.

As Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee to be secretary of state, is set to just barely garner enough votes to be appointed, it's Dr. Ronny Jackson's nomination for the VA that could be entirely quashed. Both CNN and Politico reported that Republican and Democratic senators are reviewing potential misconduct by Jackson, trying to see if it's severe enough to justify opposing his nomination.

Neither outlet initially reported the substance of the allegations against Jackson, but CNN said they were "related to improper conduct in various stages of his career." But after the initial news broke about Jackson's imperiled nomination, CBS reported the details of the claims against him.

Jackson currently serves as the doctor in the White House. His nomination came as a surprise to many, as he has no experience managing an entity as large as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the second-largest department in the federal government. His personal relationship as the doctor to the president appears to have been the biggest factor in his nomination.

After a meeting of senators to discuss Jackson's nomination Monday, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) voiced some concern about the doctor's prospects.

“We’re going to vet him," Brown said, according to Politico. "The Trump administration doesn’t do a particularly good job.”

This story was updated with new information about the details of the allegations against Jackson.

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