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Trump Used His Charity as a 'Piggy Bank': New York AG Candidate Explains Why New Lawsuit Against Trump Is a 'Really Big Deal'

Zephyr Teachout argues that the allegations against Trump show a corruption of the use of charities in our society.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Zephyr Teachout, a candidate for New York attorney general, detailed exactly why the new lawsuit against President Donald Trump alleging that his charity has been flagrantly violating the law for years.

"I actually think this is a really big deal," she said. "The facts are shocking and show a pattern of illegal behavior for over 20 years by the Trump Foundation."

Teachout continued: "It's an abuse of the structure of charities we have in this country. We allow for charities, give them tax exempt status, give them a special role in our society because we want to encourage people to give money for education or the arts, or to take care of people who are less well off." 

One sign that something dubious was going on with the foundation, Teachout noted, was that the board of directors never even met or made decisions. Instead, the foundation seems to have been a financial tool for paying off debts and achieving other ends desired by Trump.

"Donald Trump appears to use it as a kind of piggy bank, choosing to use foundation funds for his campaign," she said.

Watch the clip below:

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