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Trump Told Jeff Sessions He'd Be a 'Hero' if He Took over the Russia Probe and Went After Hillary Clinton: Report

A new report from Axios shows Trump's behavior is even more troubling than we knew.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

President Donald Trump's efforts to convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions to withdraw his recusal from the Russia investigation and other campaign-related investigations were much deeper and extensive than has previously been revealed, according to a new report from Axios.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Trump had pressed Sessions in March 2017 to withdraw his recusal and regain control of the Russia investigation — but Axios reports that this instance was one of at least four in which Trump pushed his attorney general to reinsert himself into the Justice Departments involvement in election-related matters.

Trump reportedly told Sessions he would be a "hero" for conservatives if he took control of the Russia probe and began an investigation of Hillary Clinton.

However, Sessions has consulted in-house Justice Department experts about whether he should recuse, and he has stuck by their decisive recommendation.

"The sustained pressure made several officials uncomfortable, because they viewed it as improper and worry that it could be politically and legally problematic," Axios reported.

Trump has said that he thinks his attorney general's responsibilities include protecting the president.

The Times reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice related to the Russia investigation, and the effort to convince Sessions to withdraw his recusal may play a part in that case.

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