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Trump Surges Again: Almost 50 Percent of Republicans Without College Degrees Support Trump

The billionaire mogul once again leads the GOP field by huge margins.

American real-estate tycoon Donald Trump, pictured June 16, 2013, hit out at New York's top prosecutor who filed a lawsuit against him for running a sham university, calling him a "political hack".
Photo Credit: AFP

Donald Trump's campaign strategy of unflagging bullying, fear-mongering and lying appears to be paying off. The billionaire real estate mogul once again leads the GOP field by a huge margin, particularly among Republican voters without a college degree. According to a CNN poll released Friday, one out of every three Republican voters supports Trump; 36 percent. Among Republican-leaning voters without a college degree, Trump has 46 percent support. 

Across the board, a majority of Republicans polled said they trusted Trump to address a diversity of issues, from the economy to foreign policy to battling ISIS. 

Ted Cruz comes in at a far second, with 16 percent. Support for Jeb Bush has dropped to three percent.