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Trump Supporter Wearing MAGA Hat Just Crashed the Santa Fe School Shooting Scene Armed with a Gun

A disgusting display of right-wing extremism.

Photo Credit: NBC/Scott McGrew

CNN is reporting as many as eight people have been murdered at Sante Fe High School in Texas after an assailant entered the school with a shotgun. With students still being screened on the lawn of the high school, with eight of their peers and/or teachers deceased, at least one Trump supporter decided this was the time to put on his MAGA hat, grab his American flag, strap his open-carry pistol to his hip and head on down to the high school.

Is this backlash from the vocal, effective leadership of the teens who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting? Will the NRA’s most dedicated followers begin showing up every time there is a shooting to be a counter voice to those who are suffering real-time trauma from gun violence?

Watch as the man tries to justify his deplorable display and another man calls him out:

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Jen Hayden is a writer for DailyKos.