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Trump Is So Awful, CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Can't Decide If We're Even Still on Earth

The president's ability to ruin everything is otherworldly.

Photo Credit: CNN

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has one question in the wake of President Trump's infamous phone call to Myeisha Johnson, the widow of fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson: "What planet are we on?"

“What country has controversy over condolence calls?” Toobin said. “It’s an example of what a surreal moment we are in."

Trump's initial deflection about a question regarding U.S. soldiers killed in Niger is what started the controversy that included false statements about Obama, the phone call with Johnson and a smear campaign against a sitting Democratic legislator who recounted the call to the press.

Toobin placed the blame for the snowballing mess squarely on Trump's shoulders for making "false statements" about President Barack Obama's practices toward military families who lose loved ones.

"[T]here's no misinterpretation that Donald Trump made false statements about Barack Obama's practices in this area."

Watch the full segment below.

Toobin “What planet are we on when we talk... by sarahburris

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