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Trump Is Pushing a 'Domestic Gag Rule' to Stop Some Doctors from Discussing Abortion: NYT

The proposal mirrors the conservative policy that prevents global health funds from going to facilities providing abortions.

Photo Credit: State Department

President Donald Trump's administration is planning to prevent health care providers like Planned Parenthood that receive federal family planning funds from providing or discussing abortion, according to the New York Times. The policy will include a "domestic gag rule," the report says, restricting doctors at such facilities from "providing any information to patients about an abortion or where to receive one."

This would be a major step forward in the conservative movement's goal of restricting access to abortion across the country.

The policy would force facilities that receive federal funds and provide abortions to either stop helping women end pregnancies or find alternative funding sources. 

Under current law, no federal funds can pay for abortion services, except in cases of risk to the mother's life, rape, or incest. This provision was included in the Hyde Amendment, passed in 2009. The new steps would go much further than that.

The "domestic gag rule" mirrors the "global gag rule," which prevents global health care providers who receive U.S. funds from discussing abortion. Enacting the global gag rule was one of Trump's first acts in office; the policy is typically enacted by Republican presidents and withdrawn by Democrats.

The Times' report was based on discussions with two anonymous officials, but the policy is expected to become public on Friday.

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