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Trump 'Got His Start With Daddy's Money': Ex-NYT Editor Explains Why the President Hates Jeff Bezos

Recent reports suggest Trump has followed through on his threats to go after Amazon.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

On MSNBC's "The Beat" with host Ari Melber on Monday, former executive editor of the New York Times Howell Raines offered a simple theory about why rich men like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates make President Donald Trump uncomfortable.

A recent report found that Trump had asked the postmaster general to raise prices on Bezos' company Amazon after attacking theWashington Post for years, which Bezos owns.

"The thing to me about Trump: He's a gift to the amateur psychoanalysts of the country because everything he does is so nakedly obvious," Raines said. "This is a classic case of jealousy. A particular type that really brings his neuroses to the surface. These are self-made men: [Steve] Jobs, Bezos, [Bill] Gates, who are geniuses at finance and have great technical expertise."

He continued: "Donald Trump, [in his] heart of hearts, knows he's a bricks and mortar guy who got his start with daddy's money. So these kinds of people really irritate him."

Watch the clip below:

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