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Trump Bizarrely Claims Harley-Davidson Lost Sales in 2017 Because of This Year's Feud With Him

The president's statement doesn't even attempt a connection with reality.

Photo Credit: Fox Business Network

In our latest episode of The Worldwide Adventures of Idiot Manchild, we learn that Donald Trump's former best friend now turned hated enemy Harley-Davidson suffered reduced sales in 2017 because of something they did a year later. That's right, attempting to keep your company afloat after Donald Trump screws you is such a grave injury to Idiot Manchild that it rips a hole in spacetime, causing you to lose business a year before any of it ever happened.


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In addition to the obvious stupidity of the above statement (from a man whose staff continues to insist is perfectly capable of deciding issues of war and peace despite his accelerating loss of grip on reality), the other bits of it are also likely lies. While it is true that Harley-Davidson is moving some manufacturing offshore in order to remain competitive in Europe despite Trump's foot-stomping trade wars, Trump's "Administration" is almost certainly not working with other "Motor Cycle" companies who can't wait to get in on some sweet punitive tariff "Action."

Thus ends our latest episode of The Worldwide Adventures of Idiot Manchild. Tune in next time to see Idiot Manchild agree to formally recognize Crimea as part of the nation that got him elected—a catastrophic move likely to launch a new round of military actions around the world, but just another day's light work for Idiot Manchild.

Michael Lazzaro, aka Hunter, is a Daily Kos Contributing Editor.