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Trump Aides Are Worried About What He'll Do Next as His Frustration with the Russia Probe Reaches New Heights: Report

A new report from the Washington Post finds that James Comey's book tour has not sat well with the president.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Some of President Donald Trump's own aides are "anxious" and worried about his recent insistence the Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe and James Comey should face criminal charges, according to a new report from theWashington Post.

The report documents Trump's growing frustration with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Anonymous officials told the Post that Trump has been complaining "loudly and repeatedly" about Clinton, McCabe and Comey in recent days, but he hasn't yet acted on his conviction that they should be charged with crimes.

The frustration has grown out of Trump's furious reaction to the federal raid on the offices of his personal attorney Michael Cohen, who is now reported to be under criminal investigation. Comey, the former FBI director that Trump fired a year ago, has compounded Trump's rage this week ashe conducts a publicity tour for his new book, which is deeply critical of the president.

It's unlikely that Trump will calm down any time soon. He has just officially announced that he's bringing Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, on to his legal defense team. Giuliani, a firebrand and sometimes aggressive public figure, is just as prone to rile the president up as he is to offer him assurances.

The report also notes that Trump has complained about Justice Neil Gorsuch in recent days. Gorsuch, who Trump appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, sided with the liberal justices in a ruling this week that struck down a law designed to target "violent" immigrant criminals.

According to the report, the ruling "renewed his doubts that Gorsuch would be a reliable conservative."

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