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Trump Aide Stephen Miller's Uncle Reveals the Bigoted History of His Nephew's Anti-Immigrant Views

"Much of his professional identity and his personal identity has been wrapped up in this particular issue."

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David Glosser, the uncle to President Donald Trump's aide Stephen Miller, made waves this week when he called out his nephew's repugnant anti-immigrant views in an article for Politico. He argued that, given their own family's history with immigration, Miller's attitudes make him a hypocrite.

"Our family history is entirely dependent on the fact that our family was able to escape from a terrible situation in what is now the country of Belarus," he told CNN's Anderson Cooper Tuesday night. "Everybody else who didn't make it, they were all swept away in the Holocaust and dead."

He said of the Politico piece: "I wrote this article more in sadness than in anger or resentment." 

Cooper noted that the president's own views on immigration seem deeply influenced by racism.

"There's been reported that he's talked about immigrants coming from what he called 'shithole countries,' talked about people in Haiti having AIDS, talked about people in Nigeria not wanting to go back to their huts, as if everybody in Nigeria lives in huts. He talked about why shouldn't more people from Norway come," Cooper said. "Do you see a racial component in this administration, how they view this issue?"

"All those epithets are the sorts of things which were said about Jews, Irish, Poles, Hungarians, Italians, Sardinians, Sicilians. Everybody from southern Europe, Eastern Europe, from the Balkan countries were all condemned and vilified by the so-called America-Firsters of their day," Glosser said. "These people were described frequently as slime pumped out of the mud tanks of Europe. Rapists, murderers, thieves, gangsters. And thankfully, the United States has made progress, as fitful as it may be, in reforming these immigration laws so that we no longer have these racial quotas."

Asked if he was surprised that his nephew has gotten involved in this administration, Glosser said no.

"Much of his professional identity and his personal identity has been wrapped up in this particular issue, though I do not know why," he said.

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