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Trump Admitted He's 'Branding' an FBI Informant as a 'Spy' Because It Sounds Worse: AP

A new report reveals that the president knows exactly what he's doing.

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

When President Donald Trump says something ridiculous or outlandish, there's often a debate about what's going on: Is he actually deluded into believing his own falsehoods and lies, or is he intentionally warping the truth with a specific goal in mind?

A new report from the Associated Press reveals that, in the case of Trump's newest assault on the truth with the invention of "Spygate," his gross misrepresentation of the facts appears entirely intentional.

An ally of the president told the AP that Trump was intentionally using the word "spy" — as opposed to the more accurate word "informant" — about recent reports of an individual who spoke to Trump campaign aides in an effort to learn more about their ties to Russia on behalf of the FBI.

And it's not because he doesn't know better.

According to the AP, Trump recognized that the word "spy" sounded more nefarious than "informant." However, there's no indication that any active U.S. intelligence officers — spies — actually "infiltrated" the Trump campaign, despite the president's wild speculation.

Adding even more to Trump's blatant deception and hypocrisy is that the reports he's used to spin this factually challenged narrative come from outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times — two outlets he frequently says are "fake news" and that he slams for using anonymous sources. He is happy to embrace their reporting, it seems, only when it can be twisted into a story that supports his own agenda.

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Cody Fenwick is a reporter and editor. Follow him on Twitter @codytfenwick.