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Trevor Noah Offers Hilarious Plan to Educate Clueless Republican Politicians

Introducing a brand-new hit game show, "Why Are Americans Mad?"

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Despite the dim outlook of a Trump presidency, the Democrats received some much-needed comic relief when House Republicans clashed with Donald Trump three days into the new year. 

"I don't know about you guys, but I spent all of today laughing about what happened to House Republicans yesterday," "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah said as he opened his January 4 segment. "Not only did the public come after [Republicans] for trying to gut the House ethics office, but even their party's leader threw them under the bus... on Twitter."

Noah went on to emphasize how our methods of news consumption have changed drastically just in the past few months.

"What's crazy about this is that Republicans found out about Trump's reply the same way we did, at the same time we did. Like, you realize we're all in this sh*t together," Noah mused.

"Can you imagine now, old-ass congressmen who don't care about technology, or what anyone else is thinking, now they've got to open up a Twitter account just to stay in the loop," he noted. "I really think it's fun."

Trump frequently promised to "drain the swamp," but as it turns out, that really means "privatize the swamp," and make it his own.

"Everyone sees him bringing in his friends and his family and people from Goldman Sachs and Rex Tillerson from Exxon and everyone's like, 'Oh, the swamp is open for business.' And then the Republicans are like, 'No more ethics! Swamp time!'" Noah jeered. "And Trump is like, 'Hey, what are you doing?'"

But Noah isn't even blaming Republicans for the confusion. In fact, he even has a plan to educate clueless politicians.

"Americans are pissed, and rightfully so. The question is 'Why are Americans so pissed?' Well, let's see if Republicans can figure it out in our brand-new hit NBC game show: 'Why Are Americans Mad?'" Noah announced.

He started off with Republican congressmen who planned to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, and it's hilarious. 



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