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'A Traitor to This Country': Former Republican Congressman Says He'll 'Never Support Trump Again' After Putin Press Conference

"I'm no big deal, but today is the final straw for me."

Photo Credit: Guardian News

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) released a statement on Twitter promising to "never" support President Donald Trump again after his unbelievable press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Look, I'm no big deal, but today is the final straw for me," he wrote. "I will never support Trump again. If that makes me a NeverTrumper, so be it."

"I am a tea party conservative, that will never change," he continued. "But Trump was a traitor to this country today. That must not be accepted."

The former representative concluded: "Speak out."

He's not the only one describing Trump's performance as treason.

Former CIA director John Brennan is calling for the president's impeachment and CNN's Anderson Cooper described Trump's conference as "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president."

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Chris Sosa is the former Senior Editor of AlterNet. His work also appears in Mic, Salon, Care2, Huffington Post and other publications. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.