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Top State Department Spokesperson Tried to Troll CNN — And It Failed Spectacularly

In a ridiculous tweet, Heather Nauert tried to troll Trump's least-favorite news outlet

The President of the United States is at an important summit in Singapore, supposedly negotiating nuclear disarmament (or trying to) with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Trump himself blasted U.S. allies for what he claimed was a lack of support and for not focusing on his talks, but Trump's own State Dept. spokesperson apparently didn't get the memo.

In a ridiculous tweet Heather Nauert tried to troll Trump's least-favorite news outlet, possibly in an attempt to curry favor with her boss's boss.

Apparently from Singapore, Nauert tweeted what appears to be a photo of Trump with children, and wrote: "Hey @cnn where was @Potus today? Meeting with his national security team and greeting our dedicated embassy colleagues from US Embassy Singapore! Without them, #SingaporeSummit wouldn’t be possible."

One TIME correspondent reminded Nauert the event was closed to the press:

The White House liked Nauert's tweet so much they retweeted it.

Nauert, by the way, was roundly mocked just last week for using D-Day as an example of America's long and strong relationship with Germany. D-Day celebrates America's win against Germany.

Others weighed in:

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