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'They Swung the Election to a Trump Win': MSNBC's Maddow Is Stunned by Ex-Intel Director's Revelation About 2016

"Donald Trump would not be president but for that attack."

Photo Credit: MSNBC

When the intelligence community revealed after the 2016 presidential election that Russia attempted to help Donald Trump win, its report was clear that the findings were not about whether Russian efforts were successful in impacting votes. Determining what resulted in Trump's win, the report said, was beyond the community's expertise and mission.

But now, as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Tuesday night, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has revealed in his new book that he believes Russia "swung the election to a Trump win."

Reading from Clapper's new book "Facts and Fears," Maddow said, "'Of course the Russian effort affected the outcome. Surprising even themselves, they swung the election to a Trump win. To conclude otherwise stretches logic, common sense, and credulity to the breaking point.'"

She continued: "Less than eighty thousand votes in three key states swung the election. I have no doubt that more votes than that were influenced by this massive effort by the Russian."

He also goes on to note that, whether or not there was knowing collusion with the Russians, the Trump campaign extensively exploited the Kremlin's efforts to undermine American democracy for their own ends.

Watch the clip below:

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