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Texas School Axes Yearbook Photo of 16-Year-Old Lesbian Girl

A lesbian teenager is fighting back after a photo of her and her girlfriend was pulled from a high school yearbook.

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A lesbian teenager in Texas is fighting back after a photo of her and her girlfriend was pulled from the school yearbook. 16-year-old Felicia Rivera claims that a teacher told her that a photo showing the affectionate couple would not be published in the yearbook because they were lesbians.

“It hurts," said Rivera, in an interview with the New York Daily News. "It really got to me.”

The photo was slated to be included on a Valentine’s Day page.

Rivera has now started a petition expressing outrage about the ban. “They claimed that they have nothing against gay rights, but are scared of how much criticism the school would get and how parents of straight people would refuse to buy the yearbooks,” the petition reads, according to the Daily Mail.

Rivera also says that the principal of the school, Brennan High School in San Antonio, Texas, denied that the photo was pulled because she was gay, though Rivera says that’s what a teacher initially told her. The principal says that the image was banned because it showed too much public affection. A school spokesperson denied the school discriminates.

Rivera’s father is fully supportive of his daughter. “She's a real strong person,” the father said,

As for Rivera, she doesn’t care if her photo is included in the yearbook; she just wants to express outrage at the discrimination. “I could really care less now if the photo is in there. It's just the reason they pulled it that upsets me."

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