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Stormy Daniels Files Lawsuit Against Trump Claiming Her 'Hush Agreement' Isn't Valid

The adult film actress said to have had an affair with the president wants the ability to speak.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube

According to Stephanie Clifford, the porn star known as Stormy Daniels, the agreement for her silence about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump is not legally valid because it lacks his signature.

She filed a civil suit against Trump on Tuesday with the aim of freeing herself to speak about the affair.

Clifford claims that only Trump's attorney signed the document, not the president himself. Trump is referred to by the pseudonym David Dennison throughout the document, and the section requiring a signature from "DD" is left blank.

Clifford's suit asks the Los Angeles County Superior Court to invalidate the agreements because they "were never formed, and therefore do not exist, because, among other things, Mr. Trump never signed the agreements."

Clifford also makes the claim that Trump is currently aware of the efforts to enforce the agreement, because his attorney Michael Cohen is required by the New York bar to keep his client informed of such actions at all times.

Among the most notable segments in the suit is one claiming Cohen forced Clifford to sign a false statement denying an affair with Trump in January.

The White House has remained uncharacteristically silent on the issue and did not respond to NBC News' request for comment.

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