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Steven Bannon, Despite Subpoenae, 'Not Expected' to Testify Before House Intel Committee

He refused to answer questions during a closed-door session last month.

Steve Bannon
Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon is “not expected” to appear before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday, defying a subpoena issued during his last appearance before the panel.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram reports the former top aide to Donald Trump won’t speak before the committee, a continuation of his refusal to answer questions during his closed-door session last month. On January 16, the House intel committee took the unusual step of subpoenaing Bannon during his 10-hour testimony after he refused to answer questions, citing “executive privilege.”

Speculation over Bannon’s compliance mounted Monday as his scheduled appearance before the committee loomed.

“We have a subpoena for him in the morning and we expect it to be complied with,” House intel member Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) told reporters. “We have questions that are unanswered that we want answered on both sides.”

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