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Stephen Colbert Spotlights the Most Effective Democratic Attack Ad on Trumpcare and the GOP Yet

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello left the "Late Show" host in awe.

Photo Credit: The Late Show / YouTube

Democrats are ramping up their efforts to take back the House in 2018 with a series of scathing attack ads on vulnerable Republicans who voted for the American Health Care Act.

Then there's Tom Perriello, whose longstanding support of Obamacare could end up winning him the Virginia governorship, one of 38 up for grabs in 2017 and 2018.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate released an attack ad of his own shortly after the House vote on the American Health Care Act, likening to the Republican bill to a massive ambulance crusher. "I'm Tom Perriello, and in Congress I voted for Obamacare," he tells viewers. "Together we can stop Donald Trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. And we'll make sure this [pointing at the crusher] never happens in Virginia." 


"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert was awed.

"You've got to do that in one take," the "Late Show" host concluded. "Or have a lot of ambulances standing by."

The fact that Perriello spent time on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee makes the ad all the more cutting.

"Honestly, it seems like a waste of a perfectly good ambulance, until you realize, without health care, we won't need them anymore," Colbert quipped. "But this could backfire for Perriello, because the real star of the ad is clearly the Model 10 Crusher. Yeah, it's an up-and-comer. It's huge, it's loud, it destroys everything in its way — it could be our next president."


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