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Stephen Colbert: Fox News Tries to Infect America With Its News Herpes

But they are failing, thanks to Obama's so-called "scandal condom."

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert wondered, alongside Fox News, why the mainstream media wasn't making more of the so-called Benghazi scandal (as AlterNet noted yesterday, most Americans are not very concerned with Benghazi either, despite the best efforts of the right-wing noise machine). 

Colbert highlighted a particularly colorful metaphor from one Fox contributor, who called the mainstream media Obama's "scandal condom." 
"The media is Obama's scandal condom," Colbert concurred, "And no matter how rough Fox News slams this story to the hilt, they still have real trouble infecting America with their news herpes!"
Watch's the rest of the segment below, via Mediaite. 


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