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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Team Up to Take Down 'Sociopath' Donald Trump

The president won't enjoy this at all.

Photo Credit: CBS

The audience went wild as CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert invited Jon Stewart on stage to provide a "counterweight" to his own commentary against President Donald Trump.

The tongue-in-cheek segment was a response to the president tweeting that he deserved "equal time" on-air to his critics. Stewart's job was to say something nice each time Colbert said something critical.

As it turns out, there's really not much to say about Trump that's nice.

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“Donald Trump is not a cannibal,” Stewart offered haltingly. He also confirmed under duress that he'd rather have Trump be president than have "hot lava poured into my pee hole."

Stewart also suggested Trump was better for women "than Harvey Weinstein," to which Colbert responded they'd need to fact-check.

After Colbert played a clip of the president's "calm before the storm" comment, Stewart gave up.

“What the f*ck is wrong with this guy?!”

Watch the whole segment below.

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