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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Issue a Grave Warning to America After James Comey's Ouster

Neither comedian could mask his concern during the pair's "Daily Show" reunion Tuesday.

Photo Credit: The Late Show/YouTube

Shortly before Tuesday night's "Daily Show" reunion between Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, news broke that Donald Trump had fired James Comey, the third official to be dismissed while investigating the president and his associates. Given the FBI director's outsized influence on the 2016 presidential election, some in the audience found themselves cheering.

"Huge, huge Donald Trump fans tonight," Colbert quipped. "That shows no gratitude at all. Did Trump forget about the Hillary emails that Comey talked about? 'Thanks for the presidency, Jimmy, now don't let the door hit you where the electoral college split you.'" 

Colbert was joined by former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.

“When I said that Comey was fired by Trump, you all cheered. Why? Is it because what he did to Hillary?” Colbert asked, before offering a warning: “You know [Comey was] investigating Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia? Which now will evaporate like cotton candy in the ocean..."

"No, you know what you've got," Stewart interjected. "They were riding a wave—that was like a beginner's surfer's class, where they were like, 'I'm standing up! Oh, no, wait! Oh, no, now I'm on my knees—I hate that guy, I love that guy, but Trump did it!'"

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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