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Smack Down! Jon Stewart Rails Against Dick Cheney's False Allegations

The former VP has come back from the political dead to throw stones at the current administration.

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart did some investigative work and found that Former Vice President Dick Cheney has resurrected himself from his political death in order to criticize the Obama administration.

After calling President Obama’s world view flawed, Cheney claimed in an interview that the president “wanted to reduce U.S. influence in the world, take us down a peg.”

But, that would be impossible, Stewart notes.

Even if Obama wanted to take the U.S. down a peg, they couldn’t, because the Cheney-Bush administration left it with no peg room!” he cried. He’d have to “invest in deep-sea peg drilling!”

Cheney, of course, is the case study for a man who throws stones from his glass house because, in Stewart’s own words, “He sucked at this!” 

“This guy was wrong every time!” Stewart rails, after playing a rapid-fire series of Cheney’s greatest failings, from the Iraq’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction to the idea that U.S. troops would be viewed as “liberators” in the Middle East.

Watch the whole takedown for yourself.

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