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'She Realized We Weren't Buying It': CNN's April Ryan Exposes Sarah Sanders Lying Attack on the Mueller Probe

The White House is "lying to the American public," Ryan said.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Press secretary Sarah Sanders demonstrated that the White House has completely given up any pretense of being an honest broker on Wednesday as she pushed blatantly false attacks against special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation during her press briefing.

White House reporter April Ryan discussed the Sanders' baldfaced lying — a word Ryan was hesitant to use — with CNN's Brooke Baldwin. One of the most jarring and obviously deceitful attacks Sanders pushed was the claim that the Russia investigation began with Christopher Steele's dossier alleging ties between Trump and the Kremlin — even though Trump-supporting Republican lawmakers have themselves refuted this account.

"April, can we go back to how Sarah stands up there today and says the entire investigation is based off this dossier?" Baldwin asked. "When that is entirely false." 

"Not true," Ryan said, agreeing with Baldwin. "Thinking about that press briefing, Sarah was flustered, 'cause she called on a reporter twice — on of the same reporter twice. She realized we weren't buying it. The sad piece is they understand they can say these things and 70 to 90 percent of those who support President Trump believe it. They are not actually looking at the issues of the rule of law and issues on the table. They are saying this and people are believing it. The problem is we have to continue to come back and talk about how Russia hacked into the DNC, how Russia hacked into the pillar of our democracy —"

"How Russia is hacking, current day," Baldwin interjected. "Which she did not mention."

"At issue is they are trying to play this in the court of public opinion by spinning it or even — I'm going to use the word, and I don't like using it — lying to the American public so that they can have people believe them and not believe the facts that are on the table," Ryan said.

She continued: "This is a real issue. It is not a witch hunt, these are facts: Russia started going into our political process, a sacred process. Our election process. It's not about the dossier. Yeah, there's a dossier, but it started with Russian hacking that continues today."

Watch the clip below:

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