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'Shame on You, Paris!': Conservative CNN Panelist Shuts Down Trump Supporter

Why does CNN keep inviting this guy on-air?

Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

ABC political consultant Tara Setmayer, a former GOP communications director, laid into pro-Trump panelist Paris Dennard when he defended neo-Nazi marchers Tuesday.

Dennard tried to suggest the marchers got a bad rap from the media, a bizarre claim to make against a backdrop of white supremacists with torches shouting hate speech.

The absurdity was not lost on host Anderson Cooper, who responded, "They’re freaking chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’ on the streets of America."


But it was the conservative Setmayer who finally snapped. “Your initial reaction, Paris, was to come out and find a talking point spin on this,” she said.

After explaining that Trump "disgraced the office of the presidency," she said what everyone was thinking: "Shame on you, Paris!"

And shame on CNN for continuing to give this man a platform.

Watch the exchange below.

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