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Seth Meyers Calls for Trump to Be Fired Like Harvey Weinstein in Righteous New Monologue

The comedian wants to know what's taking so long.

Photo Credit: NBC

During a Thursday segment about sexual harassment and assault, NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers highlighted the way Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump are both powerful men who use their power to abuse and silence women.

“It requires all of us to speak out and ask ourselves what we can do to address it,” Meyers said.

He specifically called out men who remain silent and are complicit in perpetuating a culture of misogyny. Meyers then turned his attention directly to the president.


“You want to argue that Harvey Weinstein was just as bad as Donald Trump? Fine. Harvey Weinstein was, after far too long, found out and fired," Meyers said.

"Donald Trump has been found out for a year and we’re still waiting.”

Watch the full segment below.

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