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Seth Meyers Stages Another Hilarious Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'Late Night White House Press Briefing'

Watch the press secretary speak the honest truths about Trump she'll never admit in real life.

Photo Credit: NBC

NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers revisits a fan favorite segment as he presents another installment of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answering the host's burning questions through re-appropriated archive footage.

In this installment, audiences can enjoy Sanders' frank answers about everything from Eric Trump's birthday to the president's favorite part of his job.

“What to Eric and Don Jr. do at the White House?” Meyers asks. “Repeatedly beg from money,” Sanders answers.

“Why have Donald and Melania looked so unhappy since the election?” Meyers inquires. “They didn’t want to win,” Sanders replies.

Enjoy the delightfully honest "briefing" that we'll never get to see from the real Sarah Huckabee Sanders below.

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