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Seth Meyers Clowns Rex Tillerson for Holding a Press Conference Just to Call Trump 'Smart'

No one is buying the secretary of state's stunt.

Photo Credit: NBC

NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers had a go at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his Thursday night show.

Tillerson had called President Donald Trump a "moron" in public, according to multiple reports.

“Tillerson, of course, was forced to issue a statement at a hastily arranged press conference yesterday where he took the extraordinary step of trying to assure the American people that the president is not, in fact, a moron,” Meyers explained.

During the conference, Tillerson called Trump "smart" and talked about how much the president allegedly loves America.

“Man, to think a guy’s a moron and then be forced to publicly say he’s smart. I guess when your name is Rex, you’re gonna be good at rolling over," Meyers joked.

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