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Security at Racist Lawyer's Office Complex Said They'll Physically Stop Him from Coming Back in the Building

"If he comes here, we're going to kick him out."

Photo Credit: NY Daily News (Screencap)

Aaron Schlossberg, the New York City attorney who allegedly has been filmed at least three different times making racist, religious, or nativist attacks apparently is going to have a tough time returning to his mid-town Manhattan offices.

"If he comes here, we're going to kick him out," a member of his building's security team told the New York Daily News.

Schlossberg was caught on camera in a Madison Avenue Fresh Kitchen restaurant near his office screaming that several employees were speaking Spanish. According to reports two were speaking Spanish to each other while working, and one was speaking Spanish with a longtime customer.

Now, it seems the tables have turned.

"They're yelling, they're claiming things that aren't true," Schlossberg, dressed in a suit with a ski cap covering his head, and brandishing an umbrella, said. "They're grabbing my personal items. ... Defaming me. I can't even move, because they're blocking me," he told The Daily News.

In a video from Thursday (below) Schlossberg can be seen trying to shielding himself from reporters and photographers. At one point he appears to be on his cell phone, saying he is "being accosted" by them.

Schlossberg allegedly was filmed claiming the Spanish-speaking employees should be speaking English, are on welfare for which he is paying, and are probably undocumented. He threatened to call ICE to have them deported.

In a separate video he can be seen attacking Jews who support Palestine. In it, he says they are not Jews, and gives them the finger.

In a third encounter from 2016, he allegedly shoved his briefcase into a man. Then, a video shows him swearing at the man, saying he isn't a citizen and threatening to call police. The man he allegedly assaulted is from Massachusetts, and, later in the video, holds up his passport while saying he is a U.S. citizen.



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