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Sean Hannity Tells Roy Moore to 'Remove Doubt' Immediately or Drop Out of Senate Race in Stunning Shift

The conservative host is no longer convinced of the candidate's innocence amid sexual assault allegations.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Sean Hannity has seen advertisers flee his nightly Fox News show after giving positive coverage to Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is currently accused of sexually assaulting multiple women when they were minors.

Hannity explained his growing suspicion of the candidate by referencing his own interview and Moore's denial that he knew an accusor who later produced evidence of her connection to Moore by showing a high school yearbook with his signature.

“Here’s where I am tonight. Between this interview that I did and the inconsistent answers; between him saying ‘I never knew this girl’ and then that yearbook comes out—for me, the judge has 24 hours,” Hannity told his audience.

But Hannity wasn't done. He followed the statement by calling for Moore to leave the Senate race unless he can explain the discrepancies.

“You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies that I just showed,” Hannity said. “You must remove any doubt. If he can’t do this, Judge Moore needs to get out of this race."

As of this writing, at least five women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct, and many sources have come forward to confirm that Moore's predatory behavior toward teenage girls was a recognized problem in his own community.

Watch Hannity's statement below.

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