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Scott Brown Answers Carpetbagger Questions in New Hampshire: 'Whatever!'

The former Massachusetts Senator points a finger back to his opponent, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who has lived in the Granite State for 40 years.

Photo Credit: Dexta32084/Creative Commons

As he faces questions and suspicion over his blatant carpetbagging into the New Hampshire Senate race, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown might want to work on his messaging.
"Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. 'Cause, you know, whatever. But I have long and strong ties to this state," he told The Associated Press. "People know."
Yeah, dude, whatever. I may not have the best credentials, but, you know, whatever. YOLO.

Now that's senatorial! Especially when you consider Brown's history with the word whatever bqhatevwr.

Is "whatever" really going to carry Brown through a campaign filled with questions?

Inside the Red Arrow, Brown claimed a stool at the counter next to Pratt. As he waited for his breakfast, Pratt vowed not to vote for Shaheen. But she also pointedly questioned Brown's devotion to New Hampshire. Behind him, 71-year-old Manchester resident Connie Antoniou whispered, "I wish the Massachusetts people would stay in Massachusetts."

Brown told Pratt that "carpetbagger is a derogatory term" in New Hampshire given that roughly 60 percent of its people were born elsewhere, including the current and former Democratic governors. Gov. Maggie Hassan moved to the state in 1989. Shaheen, who was born in Missouri, has lived in New Hampshire for more than 40 years.

"Sen. Shaheen is not from here, but apparently it's a problem with me?" Brown asked during a brief interview outside the diner.

Um, yeah, because Shaheen lived in New Hampshire for 17 years before running for office, then worked her way up, serving first in the state Senate. Whereas Scott Brown worked his way up through elected office in Massachusetts. There's a difference between running for office in the state in which you've made your adult life and raised your children and running for office in the state in which you own a vacation home next to the state in which you've made your adult life, raised your children, and only recently been voted out of office.

But, you know, whatever.