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Sarah Palin Incoherently Gushes Over Donald Trump's 'Joe Sixpack' Mentality (VIDEO)

Heck yeah, Palin would definitely have a brewski with the Donald.

Photo Credit: via YouTube

A short while ago, Donald Trump praised Sarah Palin as being "special," and it turns out the feeling's mutual. The failed vice presidential candidate spewed a veritable geyser of semi-coherent word lava about the GOP frontrunner Tuesday night with Fox's Greta Van Susteren.

Asked if she likes Trump's proposal to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, Palin said, "Heck, yeah . .. the wall, that's just common sense." Trump, she kvelled, is "a shot in the arm to Constitutionalists and conservatives," which is weird since Trump has suggested overturning the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, giving citizenship to all babies born here. Then she attempted to perform the contortion of making the deportation of children sound like a pro-family policy, not the "heartless" policy 'dem liberals portray it as.

“If their parents broke the law and they’re here illegally, then they need to get back in line and because family is a unit,” Palin said. “Greta, the family sticks together, and the kids have to get in line with their mom and dad.” 

See? The family that self-deports together stays together.

Her next quasi-religious-sounding word salad came in response to Van Susteren's question of whether Palin would endorse Trump. 

“He is the best thing to happen to the political class since the beauty of the Tea Party genuine movement rose up and shined light on crony capitalism and pulled the rug right out from under status quo politicians who just kind of embrace that permanent political class,” Palin said.

“Donald Trump, he’s got these Joe Six-Pack issues on his mind, and he’s got these Joe Six-Pack common sense solutions — he just happens to be an extremely successful and charismatic, with a very large platform, Joe Six-Pack,” she clarified.

The other two candidates she praised as "brilliant" were the similarly bonkers Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. But Trump trumps them, for Palin.


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