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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Stuns Reporter by Appearing to Have No Idea What Nuclear Brinksmanship Actually Is

Her oblivious answer validated the journalist's concerns.

Photo Credit: CNN

Sarah Huckabee Sanders left a journalist befuddled when she made a claim so blatantly counter-factual it seemed possible she believed the ridiculous words she was speaking.

Reporter Brian Karem asked Sanders on Friday if the U.S. was engaging in dangerous behavior by signaling its desire to build up its nuclear stockpile even further.

“The head of Russia came out and said that he has a first-strike weapon,” Karem said. “Now, whether or not you believe that he has a first-strike weapon, isn’t it inherently dangerous for the owners of the two largest nuclear arsenals to engage in brinkmanship, and why are we abandoning our role as peace-maker in disarmament?”

Sanders rejected the premise of the question without offering a shred of evidence the journalist was wrong.

“I don’t think that is the point anyone is making,” she responded. “The president wants to make sure that we have the most robust and modern military. He has been in constant conversations with the Secretary of Defense.”

“This is thermonuclear war we’re talking about. You don’t come back from that,” Karem said in exasperation.

“Isn’t it dangerous to—” he continued before Sanders cut him off.

“I think it is dangerous to push something that is a narrative that is not at all what this administration is pushing,” she said.

She's dead wrong.

Watch the exchange below.

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