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Rudy Giuliani Says If Trump Campaign Colluded with the Russias 'They Would Have Used It'

The president's lawyer's appearances on Fox News continue to be... bizarre.

Photo Credit: Fox News

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday night, Rudy Giuliani, who is somehow still President Donald Trump's lawyer, made a perplexing admission for someone who is supposed to be defending the president. 

Discussing the fact that multiple members of Trump's campaign met with Russian representatives in order to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton, Giuliani dismissed any allegations of wrongdoing out of hand. 

"There's nothing illegal about that," he said to Laura Ingraham. "Even if it comes from a Russian or a German or an American, it doesn't matter. And they never used it, is the main thing. They never used it — they rejected it. If there was collusion with the Russians, they would have used it."

Aside from admitting that the Trump campaign was more than willing to collude with the Russians — some of whom face indictments from special counsel Robert Mueller in connection with their efforts to influence the 2016 election — Giuliani's statement also appears to be flat-out false. We know that the Trump campaign did, on many occasions, promote WikiLeaks' release of hacked emails from Clinton's campaign Chairman John Podesta, as well as hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee. These hacks are believed to have come from agents of the Russian government. 

It's also been reported that key members of the Trump campaign promoted posts that came directly from Russia's social media operations designed to support Trump's candidacy. So not only does Giuliani admit that the Trump campaign would have been happy to use illicit Russian help before the election — we have good reason to believe they did use it.

Watch the clip of Giuliani below:

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