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Roger Stone Is Convinced That Robert Mueller Will Be Donald Trump's Demise

"It’s painfully obvious Mueller will bring charges."

Photo Credit: Lions Ground/Flickr Creative Commons

Notorious political dirty-trickster Roger Stone has begun writing a new book titled, “The Unmaking of the President” according to a new Vanity Fair interview.

Stone claimed he started writing the book after watching President Donald Trump’s White House struggle to defend against special counsel Robert Mueller investigations.

“It’s painfully obvious Mueller will bring charges,” Stone said. “The theory is Mueller will indict him on some process-related matter.”

Stone, a decades-long Trump confidant, blasted Trump’s legal team.

“The only people who don’t seem to know it are Ty Cobb, [John] Dowd, and the president,” Stone explained.

Stone also claimed that his vote-count showed only two members of Trump’s cabinet would vote against invoking the 25th Amendment, which is one legal mechanism to remove a president from office for being unfit. Impeachment is the second legal mechanism to remove Trump from office prior to the end of his term in 2021.

“I hope it’s a book I don’t have to publish,” Stone claimed. “I just don’t think Trump is being told the truth about how bad things are.”

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to accurately reflect the working title of Stone's forthcoming book.

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