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Robert Reich and CNN's Erin Burnett Take Turns Debunking Trump's Favorite Economist

Stephen Moore tried to rewrite history on the economic recovery. It didn't end well.

Photo Credit: CNN

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich confronted conservative economist Stephen Moore over his pro-Trump tax lies. But he had a little help this time when CNN host Erin Burnett jumped in to fact-check Moore.

Moore was trying to promote President Trump's tax plan as helpful to the middle class, when actually it lines the pockets of the wealthy. His fact-free assertion was that tax cuts promote better wages while liberal policies, like tax increases on the wealthy, do not.

The economist dishonestly bashed the economic recovery under President Barack Obama as "the worst recovery we’ve ever had."

Burnett responded, “Except for the $3,000-a-year increase under the last two years of his presidency.” She was referring to the yearly income wage increase during Obama's administration. 

Reich left Moore with nowhere to hide when he added some indisputable historical context to the discussion.

“Look at the past 44 years, 1972 to 2016. The average typical American is actually, adjusted for inflation, making less today than was making in 1972, with all of the tax cuts from Reagan and Bush," he said.

Watch the exchange below.

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