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Retired Major General Torches 'Strongman' Trump in Blistering Op-Ed

"The military is not the president's to use and abuse."

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The rank and file military members may not be able to speak out against Donald Trump and his ego-driven idea for a military parade, but at least one retired officer is publicly speaking out. In a public letter released through, an organization representing more than 500,000 veterans and their families, Major General (Ret) Paul Eton lit into Trump.

Donald Trump has continually shown himself to have authoritarian tendencies, and this is just another worrisome example.

For someone who just declared that it was ‘treasonous’ to not applaud him, and for someone who has, in the past, admired the tactics of everyone from Saddam Hussein to Vladmir Putin, it is clear that a military parade isn’t about saluting the military—it is about making a display of the military saluting him.

The military is not Donald Trump’s to use and abuse this way. Our military is the very best in the world—they are not to be reduced to stagecraft to prop up Donald Trump’s image. Any commander in chief who respects the traditions of the military would understand that.

Unfortunately, we do not have a commander in chief, right now, as much as we have a wannabe banana republic strongman.


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Jen Hayden is a writer for DailyKos.