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Republican CNN Contributor Confirms 'Infuriating' Trump Defenders on Network Are Actually Lying on Purpose

The network shouldn't tolerate bald-faced untruths.

Photo Credit: ABC

CNN contributor Tara Setmayer is alleging that many of the conservative guests that the cable news network brings on to defend President Donald Trump don’t really believe their own arguments.

Setmayer, a Republican who has previously worked as a communications director for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), responded via Twitter on Tuesday to Washington Examiner article about CNN host Don Lemon claiming that Trump defenders he invites onto his show don’t even take their own arguments seriously.

“I think that they feel that they have to defend him, on a personal level,” Lemon said in a recent podcast interview with conservative Jamie Weinstein. “They’ll say they are speaking for the Trump supporter who doesn’t have a voice.”

Setmayer wrote to confirm Lemon’s claims — and she called out fellow CNN panelists for making what she said were intentionally dishonest arguments.

“This is 100% true,” she wrote. “I’ve witnessed this first hand. Many are more concerned about ‘good TV’ or favor with Trump than what’s right. It’s infuriating.”

Although a Republican herself, Setmayer has been unsparing in bashing her own party for its hypocrisy in tolerating Trump’s multiple infidelities, as well as for turning a blind eye to his racist statements.

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Brad Reed is a news writer at Raw Story.