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Pro-Trump Pundit Jeffrey Lord Makes Absurd Comparison of Refugees to Nazis

The other guest and the host on Newsmax were aghast at the comments.

Photo Credit: Newsmax

Jeffrey Lord, a pro-Trump pundit who was fired from by CNN for invoking the phrase "sieg heil," endorsed starkly anti-immigrant rhetoric Thursday on Newsmax Now by comparing refugees and asylum-seekers to members of the German Nazi party.

"We welcome anybody to come to America. There is a legal process to do it," Lord said. But he went on to defend President Donald Trump's travel ban, which was challenged this week at the Supreme Court.

"You need to be careful taking people from countries that have terrorism problems. I mean, that just seems like safety and security 101. If this were 1938, you would want to be raising more than an eyebrow if this country was suddenly being flooded with members of the Nazi party from Germany," he said.

Host John Bachman and Democratic strategist Joel Payne both immediately looked appalled at Lord's words.

"You lose the argument, Jeffrey, when you equate it to Nazis," Bachman said.

In fact, Lord's argument couldn't be less apt. Before World War II, the United States refused to accept Jewish refugees trying to flee the Nazi regime, which many recognize as a great moral failure on the part of the Americans. Refugees are among the world's most vulnerable people; they are at the exact opposite end of the spectrum from members of an authoritarian and genocidal party.

Watch the clip below:

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