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'A Patriot': GOP Strategist Slams 'Menace and Arrogance' of FBI Agents Targeting ICE Spokesman Turned 'Whistleblower'

The agent began banging on the former ICE spokesperson's door and behaved aggressively when he answered.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

A CBS interview with former Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson James Schwab was interrupted by men who showed up at his home and identified themselves as agents from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's Office.

Schwab resigned from ICE after reportedly being told by the administration to lie about an incident involving the mayor of Oakland. California.

The agents who surprised Schwab at the door behaved aggressively toward CBS News' Jamie Yuccas when she asked about why they were on the private premises and took Schwab outside to talk.

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, a key figure in the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), responded to a tweet from Philip Rucker at the Washington Postby defending Schwab and blasting the government response.

"Watch the menace and the arrogance of the agent knocking on the door. It is as amazing as it is frightening and ominous," Schmidt wrote on Twitter. "This Ice whistleblower is a patriot and his courage is worthy of respect. He will need legal help. Decent people should chip in and help fund it."


Schwab said the agents wanted to speak with him about a leak involving the mayor of Oakland, California.

He said the agents were engaging in a blatant act of "intimidation" and that he's never even met the mayor.

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