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Parkland Survivor David Hogg Is Set to Announce Another Boycott Following Ingraham Success

His previous boycott cost the conservative host a large number of advertisers.

David Hogg.
Photo Credit: Screenshot / YouTube

David Hogg, a prominent student gun reform activist who survived the Parkland, Florida school shooting, announced on Twitter that he will launch another boycott this week.

Hogg successfully targeted Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham's advertisers, causing a number of prominent brands to drop The Ingraham Angle from its list of ad buys.

The conservative host attacked Hogg personally on Twitter by claiming he "whine[d]" about not getting into a number of colleges. She drew widespread criticism for using her platform to attack a high school student, especially since her claim appeared to be unfounded.

Ingraham took a supposedly planned vacation directly after the boycott, a claim that numerous experts tell The Wrap was likely a lie formulated by Fox for crisis management.

Hogg did not indicate the next target of his upcoming boycott, telling his followers, "Stay tuned."

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