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Parkland Education Board Member Smears David Hogg As Nazi 'Brown Shirt'

The member tried to claim he never posted about the teen advocate.

David Hogg
Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

A member of Parkland’s Education Advisory Board, which makes recommendations about school policy for Marjory Stoneman Douglas, attacked school shooting survivor David Hogg, the Miami New Times reported Friday.

Education advisory board member Wayne Alder allegedly compared Hogg to Nazis on his Twitter account.

“Parkland. Here is your future. I won’t be wearing the Broward Brown Shirt,” Alder allegedly posted, showing a picture of Hogg with a raised fist.

“This is what happens when a town decides to back one political party, one political voice,” he also allegedly tweeted. “The tyranny of one voice that is David Hogg.”

Alder, a partner at Boca Raton’s Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, told the Miami News Times that he’d never posted about Hogg but didn’t deny the account was his.

The Times described his claim as odd, noting they had screenshots of his posts.

“I haven’t posted anything about David Hogg myself,” Alder claimed. “Not a word.”

“He has a right to say what he wants to say,” he continued. “All I say is that when anyone puts themselves in the public forum, they should expect criticism from people.”

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