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'Omarosa Is a Bully!': Trump Campaign Aide Flounders as CNN Host Presses Her on Contradictions About Trump Using Racial Slur

Katrina Pierson struggled to explain away the newly released recording.

Photo Credit: CNN

Katrina Pierson, a campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, confirmed on a newly released audio recording that the president used the n-word on old tapes of "The Apprentice," noting that he was embarrassed by his use of the word.

But on CNN with host Erin Burnett Tuesday night, Pierson tried to walk back this statement, saying she only made the claim in order to "placate" Omarosa Manigault Newman. Manigault Newman, who made the audio recording of Pierson and another campaign aide, released the tape Tuesday as part of her promotional tour for her tell-all account of her time on the campaign and in the White House. Pierson said she often had to placate Manigualt Newman, who she said was obsessed with the topic of Trump recordings.

"That happened a number of times because Omarosa is a bully," Pierson said. She said she acknowledged the tapes of Trump existed just to get on with her day.

"I just find it hard to understand why you would ever say the president of the United States used the n-word in a 'blow off' sort of a manner," said Burnett. "It's not a 'blow off' sort of thing, is it?"

"Yes, it is! It is!" Pierson said. "Because it's not real." 

Of course, it's still not clear why she would say Trump said the word if it were not real. Her claim that it would "placate" Manigault Newman, who Pierson says was obsessed with the "n-word tapes." makes little sense on its face.

Burnett also pressed Pierson on her previous claims that the conversation recorded on the tape Tuesday never happened.

"Omarosa made the claim that I had a conference call with [Trump campaign aide] Jason Miller and that I confirmed that he [Trump] 'said it,' and that is a lie. And the transcripts prove it," she said. "I never confirmed that Donald Trump said a derogatory term to Jason Miller."

Watch the clip below:

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