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No Choice: A Woman Who Faced an Impossible Choice

Valerie Peterson chose abortion over a stillborn birth—but because she lived in Texas, the process wasn't simple.

Photo Credit: Bill Moyers / Screenshot

A new video series published on titled “No Choice” highlights the abortion stories of eight women through their emotional testimonies. The videos highlight the history of abortion rights in the United States, the impact of this struggle on the lives of women, especially those holding marginalized identities, and contextualize these stories in light of our volatile political climate, which threatens reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade.

When Valerie Peterson became pregnant with her third child, her doctor told her the child wasn’t developing properly, and that she had to choose between carrying the pregnancy to term and delivering a stillborn baby, or having an abortion. But because she was living in Texas, Valerie faced barriers to access that made her decision to end the pregnancy much more difficult than she anticipated. 

Watch the video below.

No Choice: Valerie Peterson from on Vimeo.

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