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Neo-Nazi Church Buying Up Land Near Area 51 Has Locals Fearful

Residents claim the agency has ties to white supremacy movement.

Residents of Rachel, Nevada, a small town that sits on the edge of the world’s most famous classified military base—Area 51—have expressed their outrage over the discovery that an agency buying up property in their city is a Baptist church with ties to neo-Nazi movements, Raw Storyreported.

It all began when a man named Richard Bunck moved into town and began buying up property, Las Vegas’ Channel 8 reported.

First it was the town’s only gas station and convenience store, which were subsequently shut down and renamed to attract the UFO crowd who regularly visit the infamous site. Then it was the town’s trailer park from which Bunck began evicting residents.

Perplexed about the purchasing activities, Baptist church Pastor Robert Kenniston decided to do some digging only to discover that Bunck’s name was affiliated with JHM Baptist Church, which Bunck not only founded but named after his mentor American Nazi Party founder John Hale McGee. 

“Their church is identified by the experts as Christian identity and neo-Nazi. And those two little niches are the most dangerous, I’m told,” Kenniston said.

Following the revelation, Kenniston says Bunck visited him:

“He looked at me and said, ‘There’s a story going around town that I am a neo-Nazi and a white supremacist, and I believe you are the reason for that story.’ And I said, ‘I believe you are the reason for that story,’ and that was the end of the conversation,” Kenniston said.

Locals now fear that Bunck may be buying up property to establish a white supremacist enclave in the Nevada desert. Following the accusations, residents say the FBI has visited the town to make inquiries about Bunck’s intentions.

Similarly, earlier in the year, white supremacist Craig Cobb drew criticism for trying to establish a white reserve in North Dakota after buying up a dozen properties.




Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.


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