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Internet drags NBC for article claiming Trump was 'toned-down' and 'presidential' for not ruining George H. W. Bush's funeral

NBC tried to give Trump credit for essentially just not throwing a temper tantrum. The Internet is having none of it.

Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

On Tuesday, NBC News published a piece of commentary arguing that President Donald Trump's behavior so far over the past several days is "toned-down" and "presidential":

That's been especially evident since he departed Washington for the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires last week, where he gave a public cold shoulder to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, signed a trade deal with Mexico and Canada, canceled a press conference so as not to distract from the mourning of President George H.W. Bush and pulled back from his trade war with China.

Articles like this reveal the absurdly low bar the mainstream media has set for Trump before claiming he had a good week. Essentially, if all he does is occupy space and do boilerplate things that are part of a president's job description or in the case of not disrupting George H. W. Bush's funeral basic human decency, he receives praise and speculation that he may be turning over a new leaf. Never mind that some of these so-called "presidential" high points are already collapsing, with the Dow dropping over 800 points amid revelations Trump did not, in fact, pause the trade war.

In no time, social media was flooded with mockery and consternation at NBC's narrative:

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Matthew Chapman is a video game designer, science fiction author, and political reporter from Austin, TX. Follow him on Twitter @fawfulfan.